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Storing data in Yoda

Storing data in Yoda

In order to be able to upload data to Yoda, or to download data from Yoda, configure the Yoda Network Disk on your laptop or PC. This will add a network drive to your computer that contains your research data. Once the Yoda Network Disk has been configured, you can use your existing applications and tools to work with the data.


You will have access to the data compartments for which you have been registered. By default, you will have the ability to upload, rename or delete any file or folder in the research folder of a data compartment. However, if you have been granted access to a data compartment of another researcher, it is possible that your have been granted read-only access. In that case, you can still copy the data to your computer and make changes to your local copy.

Power users who are comfortable with command-line tools can alternatively use the iRODS iCommands to interact with the iRODS backend of Yoda directly. Although these tools have a steeper learning curve, they are significantly faster than the Yoda Network Disk. They are particularly suitable for uploading or downloading large datasets efficiently.